Most of the 75 bison that escaped last month from a farm near Cooperstown are still at large, and causing big problems.

The herd got loose from Bison Island Farm in Sharon Springs in Schoharie County. The owner, Brian Grubb, is still struggling to recover most of them. As of Wednesday, only 11 had been returned to the farm. Meanwhile, the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has said that hunting or shooting them if they appear on one’s land is illegal.

Brian Grubb, owner of Bison Island farm in Sharon Springs in Schoharie County, said the buffalo have been located and they're being tracked and monitored, but corralling them is difficult. He said he’s considering tranquilizing the animals in an effort to get them under control and bring them home.

Adult male bison weigh up to 2,500 pounds, the females up to 2,000 pounds.

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