Help is on the way for our veterans who are finding it difficult to access health support for a myriad of issues they are dealing with.

Military veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, a traumatic brain injury or disclosure of military sexual trauma now have access to state benefits without having to first receive a diagnosis from the Veteran’s Administration. The new law now allows veterans to be diagnosed by any state licensed healthcare provider. It’s an extension of the he 2019 Restoration of Honor Act that allowed discharged veterans to receive state benefits for certain qualifying conditions.

The legislation (S.448/A.2014) will allow veterans to qualify for state benefits after a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a traumatic brain injury or disclosure of military sexual trauma from any person licensed to provide health care services in New York State. Previously, veterans had to be diagnosed by a provider at the Department of Veteran Affairs. This legislation removes barriers from access to care for those who have given so much for our freedom, and builds on the Restoration of Honor Act, signed in 2019, that allowed additional discharged veterans to receive benefits for certain qualifying conditions.

"Our service members defend our country and protect our freedom, the least we can do is ensure they can access care as easily as possible once they leave active service," Governor Cuomo said. "Making it easier for veterans to be diagnosed so they can receive state benefits is crucial in making sure they are able to undergo any mental health treatment they may need once they retire from service."

We applaud this new legislation and hope it goes a long way to making our veterans who need they services can access them without any problems.

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