If the Stephen King movie "The Shining" was your cup of tea, this could be the perfect getaway this time of year.

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and after the scariness of the pandemic the last 6 months, maybe you are ready for the kind of fright you would welcome this time of year. How does a visit to one of the nation's most haunted hotels sound?

According to LakeGeorge.com, The Sagamore Hotel is one of the 10 most haunted in the country. So what may you ask are some of the other-worldly sightings at the Sagamore? Ghostly kids have been spotted on the golf course and in the hallways. A woman has been seen hovering over guests in their beds, kind of like the gatekeeper in the movie "Ghostbusters." The best of these stories from LakeGeorge.com is the chef who quit after a blonde ghost talked to him, "...then proceeded to walk right through him."

Personally, I would not go anywhere near any place with just a hint of being haunted. This means I will be miles away from one of the most haunted hotels in the nation, especially this time of year. My life is scary enough in my own house chasing two crazy kids around who can't walk through me. I don't know how well I would cope with some ghosts! That said, if this is your thing and you head to the Sagamore, take some video if you see any spirits!

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