New York is ever changing. It has always been a great reflection of the world around it. From people moving to smaller towns and cities, to those who choose a more metro lifestyle, this state offers it all like no other. According to Redfin, Utica is growing at such a spectacular rate, that it may have ranked higher on the list of fastest growing cities than you think.

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With a 7 percent increase in population from 2017 to 2021, Utica has found itself in the enviable position of being the 2nd fastest growing city in New York. This is something to be proud of and we can certainly see why it is happening. As the threat of a pandemic lessened, we have seen more and more local businesses popping up, which is always the sign of a thriving economy. Restaurants and retail spaces are filling up abandoned locations and bringing new life to the area.

Rounding out the Top 10 sees White Plains showing a 1.95 percent increase and cracking in at number 10. With a 2 percent increase, Rochester has a good showing at number 9, trailing Schenectady at number 8. Number 7 finds our neighbors Syracuse seeing a 3 percent increase in population, coming in just behind New Rochelle and their Thomas Paine Cottage Museum. You can visit Tibbets Brook Park along with all 209,550 residents of Yonkers or hang in number 4 Hempstead and hit up Kenndy Memorial Park. Mount Vernon Saw an impressive increase of 7 percent to fall just below Utica. The uncatchable Buffalo comes in at number 1 with an 8 percent increase from 2017.

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