With holidays dedicated to drinking like St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, and Mother's Day, it's surprising that the most popular drinking day in New York is actually the day before Thanksgiving. And Syracuse has something to be proud of (or ashamed of, depending on your persuasion). They outdrank most of the country on a day dubbed Drinksgiving.

That's right, Uncle Frank came up from New Jersey for Thanksgiving and decided to show this town what for. The most shocking part of this is that Thanksgiving isn't the heaviest drinking day because that's the day you have to deal with family, like drunk Uncle Frank.

It's hard to believe Syracuse could outdrink anything since I wasn't even in Syracuse on Wednesday, but the numbers support it. Syracuse based company, BeerBoard has shown rapid growth in Syracuse's numbers over the past few years. This year Syracuse once beat its record with a +8.1% increase compared to 2021. So compared to a normal Wednesday night, Syracuse bars saw a 115.9% increase in sales Drinksgiving 2022. That means that Syracuse saw the greatest increase in volume across the entire country.

Syracuse isn't the only dastardly town in New York. Rochester is another city that sees large increases in sales on Thanksgiving Eve. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your persuasion), New York as a whole was only in fourth place for the increase in volume. New York only saw a 51% increase compared to a normal Wednesday. California stole first place with 59% increase compared to other Wednesdays.

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