Here's a firefighter with years of experience, who proves to be a leader wherever he goes.

Submission by Audra Szkotak
Submission by Audra Szkotak

Meet Brian Szkotak

When we say years of experience... we mean it. Brian Szkotak has been a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years in Upstate and Central New York.

He started his career in Malone, before moving to Yorkville's Fire Department and eventually becoming their Captain for several years. More recently, Brian and his wife moved again to Rome, meaning he had yet another department to join. He quickly became Captain of the Lake Delta Fire Department and was recently promoted to Assistant Chief.

Credit - Brian Szkotak via Facebook
Credit - Brian Szkotak via Facebook

Not only does Brian volunteer on the front lines, but he's also changed his career path to better serve his community too. He is now a Oneida County 9-1-1 Dispatcher and absolutely loves every minute of it.

It has been what he has always wanted to do and serve for his community... he does it well and always will.

It's not just his fire hall he's inspiring, it's his kids too. Both of Brian's boys have been involved in volunteer fire departments too, all following in their fathers footsteps.

Credit - Brian Szkotak via Facebook
Credit - Brian Szkotak via Facebook

Thank you Brian for everything you do and have done for your communities. It takes a special person to do what you do, both on the front lines and behind the phone. Thank you for making a difference and protecting Central New York in any way you can.

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