You're a mean one Mr. Grinch. Or maybe in this case just plain annoying. Many have complained for years over the slew of overzealous costumed characters harassing people in the streets near Times Square.

The NY Post says the NYPD arrested three of these masked panhandlers Thursday afternoon. One source told the Post the rowdy threesome "all stood together, which created a wall, [and] would not move, aggressively blocking pedestrians trying to walk by, 

The three culprits were "Spider-Man", "Captain America", and the "Grinch". It appears since the annual Christmas tree lighting, some of these characters have moved a few blocks towards Rockefeller Center, in an attempt to poach unwary pedestrians. Aren't Spidey and Captain A supposed to be the good guys?

The Post says the three were taken into custody for disorderly conduct. The city says that the rules that restrict the costumed characters and street performers in Times Square to certain areas don't stand beyond the Crossroads of the World.

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