A TikTok video shows users that if you collect the "proof of purchase" tabs from Little Caesars Pizza boxes, you could get a pizza party. Is this hack real?

Imagine trying to grab pizza from Little Caesars in Rome, Yorkville, or Utica. Maybe next time you do it, you'll keep the boxes a little longer than planned.

According to Little Caesars website, the hack is 100% real:

Little Caesars Pizza Party Proof program is a group loyalty program that gives back with
free pizza for all. Provide proof of purchase of 200 pizzas and earn a pizza party for up to 30 people. (Rumor has it that Little Caesar himself sometimes makes an appearance.)"

This idea of collecting tabs is 100% real. You can find them on the corner of any Little Caesars pizza boxes.

This program is great for schools, daycare centers and youth groups. It’s the perfect way to reward and motivate academic achievement, milestones and great attendance or simply celebrate the end of another great school year."

TikTok can teach you so many real life hacks, and plenty of fake ones too.

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