Where are the culinary experts in the Hudson Valley? You have to admit that it's pretty confusing.

Is cheesecake a cake or a pie? Can it be both? I guarantee you this will be the most important question you'll answer all day.

Sunday was a big day for people like me who have a sweet tooth that's absolutely out of control. Many of us will use any excuse we can to eat. These national days can sometimes be the perfect reason. It's not a poor eating habit if you're celebrating, right? We'll debate that question another time. Today I'm asking a far more important and complex question.

Every year on the 14th of March people celebrate the day by stuffing themselves with delicious pie. That's because it's National Pi Day. The day is meant to honor the famous equation but who wants to do that kind of math on a weekend? All I need to know is pie plus me equals happiness.

I didn't think that there were rules to Pi Day but apparently, there's one dessert that's frowned upon in the pie universe. I guess cheesecake has no place in the pie game. This makes absolutely no sense to me because more often than not cheesecake seems to identify a lot more like a pie than a cake to me. They often have fruit and has anyone noticed they almost always have a crust?

What's the whipped cream on top? You know what dessert we put whipped cream on? Pie.

I've made my decision. Cheesecake is absolutely a pie. My mind will only be changed by a professional baker.


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