It's illegal to text and drive. We all know that but when you're stopped at a light you aren't technically driving so should you still get a violation?

Distracted driving is a serious issue all over the country but especially here in New York. According to the New York State DMV, 160 people were killed and over 30,000 people were injured in distracted driving incidents in 2015 alone.

It's never okay to text and drive. What if you're car is stopped?

Is it illegal to text while you're at a stop light? The answer is technically no but the answer is also a little complicated. Before you whip out your cell phone at the next stop sign or red light you'd better think twice.

According to there's only a texting violation when the vehicle is in motion. However, a vehicle is accepted as being in motion even when it's stopped.

Can you text at a red light? I wouldn't risk it. Drive safe.

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