If you have never believed in Guardian Angels or "someone watching over you," this tale may change your mind. An injured hunter in the middle of nowhere and with no cell phone coverage.

Forest Ranger Milano had just been transferred into the Long Lake area and was cruising the territory near Sargent Ponds Wilderness Area. For some unknown reason she decided to turn onto North Point Road, a dead end route with no cell coverage. Her path would lead to the injured hunter from Long Lake, crouching beside his truck and waving frantically.

The 60-year-old hunter had either fallen from his tree stand, or it had collapsed sending him to the ground. To make the situation even more perilous, the man was alone and had told no one he was going hunting.

Call it Guardian Angles, someone watching over you, or just a coincidence, but it's definitely "the right place at the right time." The Ranger was able to contact dispatch and request an ambulance. She also had the first-aid skills to administer medical care until the Long Lake Rescue Squad arrived.

The DEC will investigate the accident further as they do all elevated hunting incidents. There's about a dozen tree stand accidents a year in New York and nearly half them are fatal. Read more about the "do's and don'ts" of tree stand safety at the DEC's website.

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