Tis the season of strong thunderstorms in Central New York. Is there a lightning tracking tool online to see in real time where lightning strikes are being reported?

There are currently two websites online to track from:

This website is a lightning detection network for locating electromagnetic discharges in the atmosphere.

We are a community of station operators who send their data to the computing servers, programmers who develop and/or implement algorithms for locating and visualizing of sferic positions, and people who assist in any way to keep the system running. There is no restriction on membership. All people who keep the network in operation are volunteers. There are no fees, terms and conditions, and no contracts. If a station stops pooling its data, the server stops providing the access to the raw data for the user of that station."

This website provides a clean, live map, showing anywhere in the world when lightning strikes.


This website is an additional service to Blitzortung.org. Just like the previous website, this also provides live maps.

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