Most people dream about what life would like if the balance in their bank account read that they had a million dollars sitting at their disposal. But, is a million dollars enough anymore?

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Most New Yorkers will never know what it feels like to be a millionaire, to pull up their bank account and see the number one followed by six zeros and it used to be that a million dollars was outstanding and more than enough but it would seem that as times have changed, so is the dollar amount needed to be considered actually rich.

Sure, there are a lot of people who have more than a million dollars in assets but at the same time, they struggle to pay their bills and take care of their family thanks to the staggering cost of housing and thanks to inflation. asked 4,859 people how much money they think a person needs to have in their bank account not only to be considered a millionaire but to live the millionaire lifestyle. To be able to pay their bills and to live comfortably, without having to worry.

The answered varied from state to state, obviously, because the cost of living is different in each state. People from California, for instance, said that for someone to be considered a millionaire in their state, that person would have to have $6,298,587.00 in their bank account to be considered a millionaire.

On the other side of the country, here in New York it was discovered that people think they would need to have $5,677,778.00 in order to achieve millionaire financial status.

How much do Americans, as a whole, feel a person needs to be a comfortable millionaire? The national average amount people said was $5,474,032.

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