Winning cash is pretty awesome - especially when it's with your favorite radio station (aka us.) Did you know that we have your chance to win cash ten times every single day Monday through Friday?

It's time for YOU to win cash. We are choosing one daily winner to receive $2,000 each and every day. You can keep that cash or spread the love with your friends and fam, and with a $2k payout that's more money to spend, more money to share, and more money to show you care. You also have a shot at scoring the $10,000 grand prize by entering the code words inside our app.

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It's your shot to win cash! Each weekday, there's a $2,000 prize, and you can qualify for the $10,000 grand prize. How many orders of riggies can you buy (among other local favorites) with $10,000?

When I heard that we were going to be running this contest, one of the first things I thought about was "wow, that could buy me a lot of different things - but how many Central New York things could I buy with $10,000?"

Besides riggies, also, jars of turkey joints, tickets to enter into Enchanted Forest Water Safari, bags of Utica Coffee, Utica Club - those are just some of the things that popped into my head. Could you imagine how many of each of those things $10,000 could buy you?

I'm sure you were curious - so not to worry - I did the math for you on the things listed above and so much more.

Realistically, would we spend the FULL $10,000 of the cash we won on these things? No. But it's fun to imagine.

How Many Orders of Chicken Riggies (And More) Can You Buy With $10,000?

We've got your chance to win cash - so we decided to do the math for you.

What would you buy if you won cash? Let us know inside our app.

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