Some people go big with their Christmas decorations. Like, really big.

But how big do you have to go to outdo the people in the above video, and have your Christmas light display to be visible from outer space?

It turns out that you don't need as many lights as you might think.

Students from the University of Leicester in England found out that you need to deck your house out with 2,683 LED light bulbs for your home to be seen from the International Space Station, as the Daily Mail reports.

According to the article, the students were inspired by the 2006 Christmas movie Deck the Halls.

In the movie, Danny DeVito's character sets out to make his house visible from outer space with Christmas decorations.

The students decided to put that mission to the test, and see how many lights DeVito would have needed.

We'll spare you the scientific mumbo jumbo, but they students essentially calculated how bright the house would need to be, assuming there was zero light pollution and could appear on "MyEarth", a fictional version of Google Earth.

Let's take it a step further: How much would it cost?

These lights below cost $28.99 and includes 300 LED bulbs:

Using some basic math, you would need to purchase nine of these light sets to hit the 2,683-bulb threshold.

Altogether, those nine strands would cost a grand total of $260.91 (before shipping costs).

To be fair, that's definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be?


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