If you had to take a guess, without looking it up which of the five Great Lakes would you guess is the deepest?

We hear about Lake Erie a lot.  But how much do you know about it?  Like, when comparing it to the other Great Lakes, which is the deepest?

One of the best things about Buffalo is its proximity to Lake Erie.  For a long time as a city, we all debated how we could make the most out of our waterfront property.  It's a blessing to have beaches and views as we have in a city that most people think is just inside a snow globe.  The same lake that brings lake-effect snow also brings beautiful lakefront views.  It's incredible to have a place to cool off in the summer and a place to go ice fishing in the winter.  And speaking of fishing, many fishermen will tell you that some of the best small-mouth bass fishing is right here in Lake Erie.

But for as long as we've lived near it how much do you know about it?

I was surprised to see the difference when it comes to the depths of the Great Lakes.  This graphic really put into perspective the difference in the size of the lakes.


You can see according to this graphic that just like its name suggests, at 1,3333 feet deep, Lake Superior is easily the biggest and deepest of all five of the Great Lakes.  That's followed by Lake Michigan at 825 feet, then Lake Ontario at 802 feet, Then Lake Huron at 750 feet deep.  Lake Erie is easily the most shallow of the Great Lakes at just 210 feet deep.  That's still pretty deep, but compared to all the other lakes, Lake Erie feels a bit like a puddle!

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