I know that some employers are using the honor system when it comes to their employees proving that they have been vaccinated. In a smaller work environment with fewer employees, I can see how that can work just fine, but when it comes to some of these bigger places I can see how this can become somewhat difficult. According to wivb.com, a local law firm is set to sue New York State for a new employee testing requirement.

Can you imagine having to get tested weekly? Well, in a recent announcement by Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State employees must get tested weekly or show proof of vaccine. This decision by Governor Cuomo is not very popular with state employees, and now local Attorney Corey Hogan of HoganWillig is set to bring forth a lawsuit, because of the number of phone calls the office is receiving from unhappy state workers. The lawsuit against the state will cite discrimination.

Is there medical justification discriminated against those who are vaccinated, and those who are not vaccinated? and how far is that discrimination going?

Said, Corey Hogan,

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Although the lawsuit has not been filed yet, his office is currently working on getting this done. I think this is a tough line in the sand for many people, there are people out there who really do not want to get vaccinated no matter what anyone tells them. Then, you have people that don't want to get vaccinated simply because they lack the knowledge about how this can truly help them and not hurt them.

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