Central New York women want their men to do one chore for them - and they say it's better than flowers and dinner.

How do you define "romance"? According to one study, you need to stop thinking about roses and candles and start thinking about chores...and one chore specifically.

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According to the study, people who make their bed regularly have more romance in their lives - and by romance, I mean sex. Another survey asked women which chore they find sexiest when their guys get it done - and guess what? Making the bed came out on top again. It's right up there with being handy around the house and cooking dinner.

We conducted our own survey, and it turns out, Central New York women don't seem to care about whether their guys make the bed. If you want to get us all hot and bothered,

do the laundry. Wash it, dry it, fold it, and OH MY GOD, put it away.

Far and away, women name laundry as the worst chore we're stuck doing, and the one that men could score the most points getting done.

Frankly, I have to agree, providing guys can get the laundry done without turning all the clothes pink. It's as much because doing the laundry is so tedious - and because it's the chore that NEVER ENDS. Like - ever. Being an adult is essentially washing clothes endlessly until you die.

What chore would you like to see your guy do?


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