If you're looking for a way to prank someone this Christmas, or maybe, get their hopes up for something that they wanted but they're on the naughty list, a man on Facebook Marketplace wants to help.

A listing was made inside the 315 Facebook Garage Sale page by Jesus Ayala Maldonado. In Brewerton, you could get yourself the Xbox Series X. Not the gaming console itself, but just the box. So technically, the Box Series X.

His theory for selling it? It would be a great prank for Christmas.

The post on marketplace read the following (warning: language in the post is NSFW)

"Has your kid been a little sh!t lately? Is your boyfriend/husband getting on your nerves? Afraid your kid doesn't appreciate anything? Well for $100 (which includes tax!!!!!) you could buy yourself the newest Xbox Series X's empty box (besides styrofoam) and fill it up with coal, spam, cinderblocks, etc. I don't really give a rats @ss honestly. I even kept the original sticker on the box as a "tag" so you know I'm not busting your chops. I know it seems too good to be true and I promise that it is!"

We couldn't help but laugh at this listing on our marketplace, and with how in demand these gaming consoles are lately....this is genius. The price, obviously, you'd be crazy to do that. If it was a lot less, I'm sure it would give you some great laughs.

This was a real Facebook post, but has been taken off the page since.


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What pranks are you planning to pull this Christmas, if any? Let us know inside the station app.

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