An earthquake struck Northern New York in an unusual spot - about 25 miles from the center of Toronto.

There's a volcano spewing lava across Hawaii, and now an earthquake has struck Northern New York in a an unusual spot: Lake Ontario.

A 2.4 magnitude quake struck Tuesday, May 8 - 6.2 miles below Lake Ontario. According to WSYR "while major fault lines do not cross the Northeast and eastern Canada there are some lesser fault lines that do cross Lake Ontario. Movement along these fault lines can cause earthquakes. The Central-Metasedimentary fault line was the closest one to Tuesday's quake."

The quake wasn't powerful enough to cause any damage, but residents of some Canadian towns did feel the tremors.

Given a choice between the volcano and tropical climates or earthquakes and snow in the springtime - I'll stick with the snow. How about you?



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