Even though the "Copper City" has played a pretty big role in United States history, those on Reddit are suggesting to not move to Rome. But, why?

On a post in the Reddit board for Upstate New York titled "Why not Rome?", one poster asked why people are hating on the Rome region:

We are thinking of moving to the Rome, NY area and I've seen lots of people suggesting areas and then saying "Don't move to Rome" or "Not Rome". They don't elaborate. Why is Rome, NY so bad?"

Of course, comments started pouring in. Most of these comments were negative in nature:

Negative Reddit Comments About The City Of Rome New York

On a post in the Reddit board for Upstate New York titled "Why not Rome?", one poster asked why people are hating on the Rome region:

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As for this author, I grew up in Rome/Westmoreland. I feel the City of Rome is coming back strong. Did it have moments where it experienced set backs? Yes. Are those days far behind? Yes. Do people just complain no matter what sometimes? Yes.

Rome is coming back strong, and will continue to grow and flourish.

Rome has so many amazing facts and history, I could go on for hours. You could read some cool trivia tidbits here.

Here are those comments once again:

1) User: smorgenheckingaard

"Rome has been in declination for decades, and it shows in a lot of ways (especially since the Air Force moved out). It's never as bad as people who say "don't go there" make it out to seem. In my opinion, having grown up not too far away, there are some things about it that are really run down, but no more so than any other area of the rust belt. But it's also got quite a bit to offer and nothing about it where I'd advise somebody to avoid it "just because""


2) User: Eudaimonics

It’s just a small city with limited things to do if you’re a young person. If you want a slower pace of life and don’t mind eating at the same dozen decent restaurants, it’s not bad. Utica is a little better, but hasn’t seen the same urban renewal as Syracuse. Utica is also kind of small. Syracuse has a lot more going on and if you’re looking for a place with more big city amenities look into Buffalo"


3) User: mleam

I lived in Rome for about 5 years. Liked the town, never had too many issues. Except. There are so many negative people in that town. You constantly hear about how the fort is an eyesore and destroyed the downtown, when in reality it brings in tourist money to the town and if you seen what downtown looked like before the fort was put in, it's a major improvement. Also, this happened in the 1970s and people are still upset. Before we left, they were putting in the new Well Now clinic. Same complaints and bitching. It started to feel that if anyone wanted to do anything to improve the town the naysayers would scream and have a fit. It got really annoying."


4) User: Clama_lama_ding_dong

Romenis pretty run down. There are a lot of nice towns in the Utica/Rome are I'd move to before Rome."


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