It's over 100 years old and has troops all over the world, but Boy Scout Troop 1 calls Upstate New York home.

The tiny town of Unadilla - about an hour and a half south of Utica is home to Boy Scout Troop 1.

Google Street View
Google Street View

If you've ever wanted to teach your children about the scouts, or you just want to explore the history of the scouts for yourself, the Boy Scout museum in Unadilla is a treasure trove of memorabilia, artifacts and more.

According to it wasn't the first troop established in America, but it is the oldest surviving of the original 166 troops to register a charter.

They've also managed to stay in operation while the world went to war three times and suffered through a depression.

That's impressive.

If you search around Unadilla you'll also find the grave marker of Rev. Yale Lyon, who started the troop at the beginning of the 1900's.



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