Dave Grohl, who has made a habit of doing amazing things for fans and budding musicians, got to channel his inner devil on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night (Dec. 18). The Foo Fighters frontman appeared in a skit on the show playing the devil opposite Billy Crystal, who portrayed God on the late night talk show.

Kimmel set up the skit by explaining a controversial holiday-themed statue on display in the Springfield, Illinois called “Snaketivity,” which is on loan from the Satanic Temple of Chicago. The black statue of a hand holding an apple with a snake wrapped around it has caused an uproar by many local residents and religious leaders, but the state is leaving the statue on display citing the first amendment of the constitution, which protects freedom of region and free speech.

The skit begins with Jimmy Kimmel asking God, played by Billy Crystal, what his thoughts are on the controversial statue. God, who is shocked to learn that Springfield is the capital of Illinois and not Chicago, says “Chicago is a sinful place, I mean they have gangsters, they had Al Capone, the Black Sox scandal of 1919 and don’t get me started on that horrible deep dish pizza crap… you don’t eat pizza with a knife and a fork am I right?" He goes on to say that the statue should stay put and that he is “fine with it.”

God adds that he and Satan are “cool” and that they “made up” saying, “Hey listen people if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can make up, why can’t we boom!” Dave Grohl then walks out as Satan with red make-up on his face, devil horns and equipped with a red flying V guitar. Kimmel asks if they hang out together in heaven and Crystal replies, “Yeah, we get together like once a week play a little Fortnite, play a little fantasy football and then we have brunch.” Grohl screams “Bottomless mimosas!” and rocks out on the guitar while sticking his tongue out.

The two share that they like to play, “Who goes where,” a game where they choose which people to let into heaven and which to send to hell. Crystal and Grohl play rock, paper and scissors over which one will take Texas senator Ted Cruz. God prevails but then tries to pawn Cruz off on the devil.

At the end of the skit Grohl screams “Hail Me!” and “See you in March Jimmy" as he strums the guitar and sticks his tongue out. Watch the hilarious sketch below.

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