I usually get my mom a candle for Christmas but I may have to take break this holiday season.

2020 sure has been a total stink fest so far. It only makes sense that we capture that scent, bottle it up and sell it for profit.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder these days think again. We certainly know what the year 2020 feels like but what exactly does the year 2020 smell like? According to the New York Post, a novelty company out of England called Flaming Crap has designed a candle with the scent of this year. Well, I should say scents. Why would anyone want to be reminded of this year? Why on earth would you want to try to relax at home and light a candle to reminisce about the year 2020?

I guess some people just love candles.

The candle is layered and will contain multiple smells that will remind us of different milestones moments from this past year. The scents include banana bread, wood and  hand sanitizer among others.

The post reports that these candles cost roughly $20 and have already sold out of their first batch. Another batch is reportedly on the way.

If you were going to make a 2020 candle what aroma would you want it to give off? I would think that tiger balm should make the list as a nice homage to the Tiger King. Do masks have a smell? How about impending doom? Does that have a particular smell?


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