A Grammy is a lifelong dream for many.  For one many from Central New York, could this be the moment he finally takes home the big one?

It is hard to believe that someone who is genuinely among peers considered to be the best doesn't already have a grammy. For Joe Bonamassa, sadly in his two prior times being nominated, he ultimately did not win. On the guitar, Bonamassa is at a fairly young age a legend. This could be his time to finally get a major award in music.

Bonamassa is only 44 years old and has some amazing accomplishments in music already. One of the ones that stand out the most is performing with BB King at the young age of 12. King is widely noted as the absolute best blues artist in American history. After performing with the likes of him, it should come as no shock that Bonamassa snagged a grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album. It was a shock to one person at least, himself.

Other times he got a nod in the form of a nomination include 2016 for his album "Live At The Greek Theater" and a few years prior in 2013 for his album "Seesaw" according to the Grammy's website. On both occasions, he didn't take home the trophy.

Here is to hoping one of our very own from Central New York takes it home. Surely all from his hometown of New Hartford will be rooting him on in February, hoping we get to see a win for Joe Bonamassa.

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