Violence continues within New York prisons as union officials have released their report on the latest incident.

According to the New York State Corrections Officers and Police Benevolent Association, a CO was struck in the face with a broom stick after ordering an inmate to cleanup his food tray and eating area on Tuesday, July 12.

NYSCOPBA says the officer immediately administered what is essentially a pepper spray (OC Spray) and the inmate was stopped in his tracks.

Union officials say the inmate - serving a three-year sentence for weapon possession and reckless endangerment - should be prosecuted and punished for the assault, but again pointed at New York's HALT Act  in released details of the incident:

“Here is another attack on staff that should be prosecuted by the district attorney’s office.  With little or no discipline left as a result of the HALT Act, county prosecutors can send a strong message that when you attack staff or other inmates, you will be held accountable.  The inmate in this latest attack would think twice about doing it again if he knew his current sentence was going to be extended because of his actions.  This is literally our last line of defense against daily attacks on staff," said Bryan Hluska, NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President.

The injured officer was struck in the mouth with the broom and suffered a small laceration to his lower lip and also complained of neck pain, Hluska said.  He was treated by medical staff in the prison and remained on duty, he said.

The incident at Mid-State last week was preceded by an attack on 5 guards in two separate attacks by inmates within the facility.

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