As the weather warms up across the Hudson Valley more and more motorcycles are taking over the roadways and if your lucky enough to have one let's double check and make sure your street legal.

According to News 10 and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles any motorcycles that plan to hit the roads this year will need to renew their registrations by the end of the month.

When motorcycle owners register their bikes every year, the registrations are good for one year and ALL of those given out in 2020 are set to expire on April 30th, which means everyone needs to re-register. To register your motorcycle or to renew yours, you can do it conveniently online here, and that includes first-time registrations. If your registration has been suspended or revoked you won't be able to renew until it's "cleaned up". Once it's fixed you'll have to re-register it at a local DMV office or by mail.

Like cars, motorcycles do need to go through a safety inspection every 12 months to be legally registered. The safety inspections can be done at any licensed service station. The DMV suggests that customers look for the large yellow and black signs on buildings that read "Official NYS Motorcycle Inspection Station" to have their motorcycles inspected. You can locate an inspection station near you here. Motorcycle inspections in New York State start at $6 for most motorcycles.

As a reminder, as motorcycles start to get back on the roads this spring and summer, let's all make it a point to keep our eyes open for them.

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