Would you happen to be able to send this incredible World War II veteran a card for Christmas?

Meet Gerald Feeney, his picture is above. He is 94 years young and is living alone in an assisted living facility in West Winfield. Like all of us, he indeed suffers from loneliness from time to time, but that is where we here in Central New York can make a difference for him. A simple holiday card from not one, not two, but maybe hundreds of us sure would fill him with joy.

Being alone, or lonely, or however you would like to word it isn't something that anyone should ever have to deal with. Then add onto to that fact that it is the holidays and this Gerald is going through loneliness is just heartbreaking. This man put his life on the line in one of the deadliest wars this nation has ever seen and a card wishing him a Merry Christmas sure would make him feel much less alone.

Gerald doesn't get any relatives visiting him, he doesn't get out of the building he lives in to go anywhere as he cannot drive a car. He is the kind of senior that certainly could use a little showering of love this holiday season.

I visit with him every week and he is such a sweet, compassionate man who is often very lonely. If you could find it in your heart to send him a Christmas card thanking him for his service to our country, and wishing him a merry Christmas, I know it would give him such tremendous joy. - Jo Ellen Maring on Facebook

If you'd like to send him a card, here is the address.

Mr. Gerald Feeney

Scott House, Apt. 101,

West Winfield, NY 13491

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