That's a whole lotta nope. A CNY man got an unpleasant wake-up call when a 6 foot boa constrictor crash landed in his bed.

That's a no from me.

The Department of Environmental Conservation responded to a call in the CNY town of Pulaski from an alarmed man who was woken by a large snake falling from his ceiling.

"On June 29, ECO Matt Foster responded to an unusual complaint in the village of Pulaski. The panicked caller reported that a large snake had fallen from the ceiling onto a subject sleeping in his bedroom," according to the DEC report.

"After a brief investigation, the officer determined the six-foot-long Red-Tailed boa constrictor had escaped its enclosure in the apartment above and entered the ceiling. The snake, which is legal to possess in New York, was reunited with its owner."

We all know Central New York is home to all sorts of creatures - and most of them are pretty cute - bunnies, squirrels, heck - even mice - but I don't even want any of those landing on me when I'm sleeping.

Would you have thought you were dreaming if this happened to you? I would have had an absolute freak out. How about you?

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