They wanted to have their way. In yet another display of humanity's darker and sadder side, police say two customers attacked an employee at a Burger King. While videos of public freakouts and meltdowns like this are nothing really new, the alleged attackers' reasons for going after the worker are rather petty. Will people ever learn?

Police released the details Monday of the altercation that occurred December 4 at the fast-food restaurant. The footage from the NYPD shows the two alleged assailants jumping the counter and tussling with the 22-year-old employee. From there, the hangry customers can be seen punching the worker in the face repeatedly. Police say one of the unruly patrons even flashed a knife during the assault.

The New York Post says that two other employees came to the aid of their coworker and were able to pull the victim away from the melee. Police say as of now, they are still looking for the suspects, who casually walked out of the Burger King after the scuffle. The reason for all this? Well, police say the customers were upset because they felt their order took too long to prepare.

In other news involving people behaving badly around food, a disagreement over "white hot chocolate" turned violent at a local Dunkin' Donuts. Hudson Valley News 12 says that things quickly spiraled out of control last week at a New Windsor Dunkin' Donuts location. The customer told HV12 that the manager got nasty with them over the phone, and told them they didn't have their specific order and that there was already a sign posted that they were out of the white-hot chocolate. HV12 says that when the customer complained further, the manager and a second employee physically attacked her.

The customer told sources that she was hit a dozen times in the face and that she had part of her hair ripped out.

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