Yesterday we told you about about the 75 buffalo that had escaped from a farm near Cooperstown. They're still at-large. And, apparently, they're pretty smart. But some of the people chasing them...not so much.

The bison have evaded capture so far, and have now done what cagey criminals sometimes do--they've split up. Brian Grubb, the owner of the buffalo, is working with police and environmental authorities to locate his herd and bring them back safely. Unfortunately, not only have the bison split up into three or four groups, but Grubb says tire tracks in some fields indicate they're being chased by four-wheelers. That can only mean a bad outcome for the animals (and maybe for those humans), according to Grubb.

Officials say citizens should not chase or approach the buffalo if they spot them, just place a call to Grubb (518-588-1402) or the New York State Police at Richfield Springs at 315-858-1122, and let the professionals do their job of corralling the creatures.

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