On Saturday and Sunday we had six contestants that competed to see who could eat a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach the fastest. On Saturday three people threw up and the winner ate the roach in just over 20 seconds. On Sunday everyone had a stronger stomach so nobody threw up and the winner downed the bug in 11 seconds.

Here are the answers to a lot of the questions you're thinking right now.

  • Yes they were alive....and huge
  • Yes they struggle to get out of your mouth
  • Yes you have to chew them
  • Why chew them? Because if you don't they will crawl out of your stomach....seriously.
  • The winners got two Gold Season Passes to Great Escape
  • Yes, they are kinda cute
  • They don't taste like chicken
  • They were all females and some had egg sacks
  • They pop when you bite them
  • No, they didn't come from my kitchen!

So, who's ready for next year?

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