If you, the kids or someone you know has any design experience - or maybe is just very creative, this is the contest you'll want to take part in.

Wanderers' Rest Humane Association is located in Canastota and they're excited about all of the changes they've made over the past few years. Now they're on the hunt for someone to design them an awesome new logo to include and incorporate all the great changes they've made.

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To submit a logo, a fee of $5 must be submitted along with the design. They're looking for a simple logo, only using one or two colors, and something that shows the representation of Wanderers' Rest and what they stand for "in a unique way."

All ages are welcome to participate, and designs (for obvious reasons) must be original. It doesn't matter whether the art is traditional or digital - both are okay! The cool thing here is you can also submit multiple different logos, there is no limit.

Submitting A Logo

According to Wanderers' Rest, these are the steps that need to be taken to submit an entry/logo:
-Create your logo online or hand draw it.
-Design must be unique and a custom creation.
-Send it to us in the mail with a $5 donation or drop it off at our shelter with your entry fee (7138 Sutherland Drive, PO Box 535, Canastota, NY 13032)
-Be sure to include the artist's name and contact information.

Ten final designs will be chosen and voted on by the public for the new logo.

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