Everyone deserves a little recognition when something they do goes right. Especially as a firefighter. You never really know what kind of calls to expect and the Wampsville Fire Department surely didn't expect the situation they were asked to help with Tuesday evening.

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Around 7:49 pm, a call was put in regarding a five year old Madison Hatch, who was outside riding her bike. She ended up taking a fall and getting her foot stuck in between the petal and the frame of the bicycle. Her parents were watching the whole time and tried to assist, but were unable to get her foot out and realized they would need further assistance. They called 911 and the local fire department.

According to the Wampsville Fire Department, they arrived to the scene to find the girl uninjured, but very upset. They assessed the situation to determine that they needed to cut the bike apart. Using a bolt cutter and a halligan, they were able to get Hatch free with no injuries other than the few cuts and bruises from falling.

Upon arrival back to the firehouse, everyone involved with the call felt bad that they had to cut the five-year-old's bike into pieces. They decided to come together to purchase a new one for her. They called Walmart in Oneida to tell them what they were looking for and immediately, the store offered to donate the bike for the girl. Coincidentally, it was the exact same bike she had, and the firemen involved were able to deliver the bike back to her.

So here's a shout out from us to you - a big THANK YOU for those at the Wampsville FD, along with the Greater Lenox Ambulance Service, the Madison County Sheriff's Office, the New York State Police and the Oneida Walmart for coming together and not only helping this little one, but for reminding us that no matter what difficult situation we are facing, there is always a positive light at the end.

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