It looks like Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon by offering next day delivery. Do they offer this where you live, or right here in Upstate New York?

Quick Answer: As of May 14th, no it's only available out west.

Long Answer: Walmart is offering one-day delivery services in Phoenix and Las Vegas. WKTV reports that Walmart has announced plans to expand to Southern California in the coming days, and plans on a roll out of next-day delivery to reach 75% of the United States this year.

More than 220,000 items — including pet food, diapers, paper towels and laundry detergent — will qualify for the service. Customers must spend at least $35 to receive next-day shipping.

Although Walmart's program requires a minimum purchase amount unlike Amazon's, Walmart also hopes that it will stand out from Amazon Prime because Walmart customers won't need a membership to receive next-day delivery.

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