This is well deserved.

It looks like New York State law makers are now working on two bills that could make local volunteer firefighters and EMT's exempt from paying state taxes, according to WKBW.

If passed these bills could help out a lot of local volunteer fire departments with the shortage of volunteers that has been reported over the last few years. Now just signing up to be a volunteer firefighter won't get you the tax breaks, as there are a few qualifications that have to be met including,

Volunteers would have to be with their department for at least a year.
Volunteers must be in good standing.
Volunteers must be certified by the Chief Emergency Service Coordinator of their County.
Volunteers would also have to attend more than half of the department's activities to qualify for exemptions.

Part of the legislation reads that volunteer firefighters and EMT's would have to participate in at least 55% of department activities. Assemblyman Steve Hawley who co-sponsored the bill told WKBW that just answering a call will most likely not be enough, as volunteers will also need to take part in training and department fundraisers.

The pair of bills are now in committee in the senate and assembly and will hopefully pass through before the current term ends in four weeks.

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