A cell phone video of a high-school-aged-girl repeatedly swinging and striking another female student at Rome Free Academy is spreading on social media.

(When first posted, this story indicated that the video had been taken down and was no longer viewable on Facebook)

The video was was circulating on the social media site earlier in the day. It is unclear exactly when the incident occurred. In it, one girl can be seen striking another girl several times as she sits on the bathroom floor. There were at least two other students watching the fight unfold and at least one recording the incident.

Rome Schools Superintendent Peter Blake responded to an email today seeking comment but did not elaborate on the incident:

...My understanding is that there is a video of a couple of young ladies involved in an altercation within one of our bathrooms at RFA. From what the administration has shared with me, the student has been disciplined to the fullest extent we are able to, under the law....

It is not known what injuries if any may have been suffered by the student, or what punishment school officials doled out.

WIBX was unable to connect with Rome Police officials for comment.

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