Residents in the City of Utica New York will be hosting a peaceful protest at Kemble Park for George Floyd.

The news was shared on Facebook, and will start at 2:30PM on Sunday May 31st. The event is hosted by several local residents of the City of Utica with the goal to be peaceful:

Join us in a peaceful protest against the racist injustices and police brutality that plague America. We will be honoring George Floyd and every black life loss at the hands this corrupt system. We will be doing a candle lighting in honor of all the black victims of the system as well as a moment of silence. Please bring a candle and wear all black.
*Please wear mask and gloves for social distancing*"

As of the time of this reporting, over 331 people have said they will be going on Facebook. You can find out more info online here.

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Police in Minneapolis originally took George Floyd into custody because he allegedly tried to buy groceries with a "bogus" $20 bill, according to WIBX. Police were called to the scene when the clerk at the store called them for the alleged "forgery in progress."

When officers arrived they confronted Floyd, who was in a minivan outside of the store. Surveillance video shows police taking Floyd into custody and leading him to a patrol vehicle and other officers interviewing people at the scene.

The disturbing events that happened next were caught on a viral video clip of a police officer with his knee on Floyd's neck as he was handcuffed on the ground. As a result of the events, Floyd later died.

First Protest Was Peaceful In Utica

WKTV reports that on Saturday (5/30), the Utica community held a peaceful protest in Oneida Square for George Floyd. Many people IN Oneida Square held signs that said "Black Lives Matter" and "No Justice, No Peace."


Utica Police Condemn Actions Leading To The Death Of George Floyd

WIBX reports that Utica Police are taking a strong stand on the issue. Utica Police took to Facebook to send the community the message. Both Chief of Police Mark Williams and Deputy Chief Ed Noonan together strongly condemn the actions of the officers leading up to Floyd's death and the ultimate decision to terminate the officers.


State of Special Emergency Declared in Syracuse

CNYCentral reports that a State of Special Emergency has been declared in Syracuse by Mayor Ben Walsh due to civil unrest and disturbances that occurred during local protests over the death of George Floyd on Saturday night. The state of emergency and curfew is in effect until further notice. Syracuse Police said objects were being thrown at them by protesters.

Chaos Erupts Outside Public Safety Building In Rochester

WHAM in Rochester reports that their rally in downtown against racial injustice ended Saturday afternoon with chaos. Several cars were set on fire near the Frederick Douglass - Susan B. Anthony Bridge in downtown Rochester. You can read more online here.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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