Have fun with lazy river tubing, downhill tubing, and zorbing! It's opening soon for the season.

Try something new this summer with the Tubby Tubes Company located 10-minutes south of Lake George, opening June 22. We've got the details on lazy river tubing, downhill 'summer' tubing and zorbing.

Tubby Tubes Company

Lazy river tubing included guides who have been professionally trained and are knowledgeable about the Adirondacks. It's a 2 hour round trip for ages 1 and up, and includes your tube, life jacket and bus shuttle to and from the river.

Downhill 'summer' tubing has 3 giant tubing lanes that are made out of a unique material that slides like snow. When you're ready, pick your lane, some are fast, and some are slower with turns and drops. An attendant can start you off with a slow or fast push, give you a spin or send you down backward! When you make it to the bottom, you're pulled back to the top with a motorized tube tow.

Try Zorbing. This extreme sport is pretty simple. You climb inside the ball made of transparent plastic and roll through the NEW zorbing course.

Tubby Tubes Company

Do you think you could do this?

We can't wait to try it out, can you? Tubby Tubes Co. opens for the season June 22nd. and is located at 1289 Lake Ave, Lake Luzerne, NY. Be sure to send us pictures!