Most of the time, when you see a deer in the road, it's already too late.  You pretty much have to just hope that the damage is minimal.  If you've ever driven in these parts, you likely have had an episode where a deer ran out in front of your vehicle. 

Almost a year ago, my streak of never hitting a deer, had ended.  It was pretty scary, but I knew it was just a matter of time, especially on the road that I live on.

As we near the fall months, which is breeding season, I try to keep my eyes extra peeled.  Also, as the days get shorter, the chances of seeing a deer during your evening commute, are greater.

Here is some good to know info from

1.  Wear seat belts and follow the posted speed limit signs.

2.  Use extra caution around where you see deer crossing signs.

3.  Early morning and early evening are times of high risks.

4.  Don't rely on deer deterrence devices on vehicles.

5.  Use high beams where you can, that way you can see far ahead of you.

6.  Don't swerve to avoid hitting a deer, your first instinct is to do so.  If you are going to hit it, at least you will be in control of your vehicle.

7.  Avoid braking when you hit a deer, that way the deer is more likely to pass under the car instead of hitting the windshield.

8.  Report deer collisions to your local authorities.

9.  Stay alert, awake, and sober.

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