The Catholic Diocese of Syracuse released a list of living and deceased priests with credible allegations against them of abuse dating back to 1950.

The release of the list of names was announced in parishes across the diocese Sunday and in a written statement from Bishop Robert Cunningham.

In the letter, Cunningham writes, "There is no priest in active ministry with a credible complaint of child sexual abuse and any allegations received have been decades old." The decision to release the list is due to the fact that all District Attorney offices in the Diocese has been provided those names.

Cunningham went on to write "While I am aware that the release of these names will cause pain for some victims, families of accused, friends and parishioners, I know that we are at a critical juncture in the history of our Church.

The Diocese released the following list of names with accusations against them dating back 70 years.

In past years the Bishop took the stance of not releasing names due to the request of victims not wanting their abusers identity made public. The Bishop also writes, "It is my fervent hope and prayer that this effort will bring some peace and healing to those who have been directly harmed and to all members of our community of faith."

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