The Empire State was just named the "Rudest State in America," and we may have the strong, sometimes abrasive "New York" attitude to blame.

Just for kicks and giggles, Best Life decided to crunch the numbers and rank all 50 states in order of rudeness. Now how did they calculate "rudeness" exactly, you may be asking? From which residents cursed the most at customer service agents to which states had the worst offenders of road rage, Best Life took a lot of numbers, surveys, and populations into consideration. Then they used a custom algorithm to calculate each state's "Rudeness Score...." Very official, we know.

When all was said and done, New York landed at the very top of Best Life's list of rude states with a Rudeness Score of 100.05. Yikes! According to Best Life's algorithm, 14.79 percent of New York State is "rude," along with 4.5 percent of New York drivers. On the bright side, New Yorkers are a little nicer when it comes to being customers and ranked 28th in the country for customer rudeness.

Buffalo and New York City earned spots as the state's rudest cities, despite the fact that Buffalo proudly touts itself as the "City of Good Neighbors." I mean, you have to give Buffalo and its Bill Mafia some props: They just helped raise over $700,000 for Oishei Children's Hospital in honor of quarterback Josh Allen's late grandmother.

Virginia, Washington, Iowa and Alaska rounded out the top 5 on Best Life's "Rudest States" list, while the site recognized Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Minnesota as the least rude.

Do you think New Yorkers deserve the top spot on Best Life's list or are we just getting flack for being straight-to-the-point? Let us know what you think inside the station app.

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