Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy announced that his fifth solo album, View to a Thrill, will be released on Nov. 9.

The follow-up to 2017’s Smash was produced by Pearcy along with Matt Thorne, while Thorne oversaw the mixing process with Pearcy’s guitarist Eric Ferentinos, who co-wrote the album's 11 songs.

You can see the track listing below.

In an interview during the run-up to the release of Smash, Pearcy noted that anything he wrote would be connected to Ratt, pointing out that he had been the band’s principal songwriter in its early years.

“You know, I just write. I don’t put anything in place,” he told Sleaz Roxx. “If I write something really heavy, it might not be the right song for a solo record. If it’s Ratt, it’s a different kind of system that we write in. … If it’s my solo stuff, I have the authority with my co-writer Erik on guitars – we can go anywhere we want. If the song is heavy or it’s a lighter song, and it’s something that Ratt wouldn’t do, we just write. We don’t think about where it’s going or who it’s for. We just write it and make it the best song possible. And sometimes, we don’t even use it. We just go on to something else, you know?”

Ratt recently revealed their “new breed” lineup after a struggle to secure membership. Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier remain after parting ways with guitarist Warren DeMartini; a two-year legal battle with drummer Bobby Blotzer assured his absence. Despite that, Blotzer said earlier this year that a reunion wasn’t impossible. “If we were together and had our shit tight within the band, the sky's the limit, is the way I always saw it," he said.

Pearcy has a handful of solo shows listed alongside his Ratt commitments, with more to be added later.

Stephen Pearcy, ‘View to a Thrill’ Track Listing
1. “U Only Live Twice”
2. “Sky Falling”
3. “Malibu”
4. “One In A Million”
5. “Double Shot”
6. “Secrets To Tell”
7. “Not Killin’ Me”
8. “Dangerous Thing”
9. “I’m A Ratt”
10. “From The Inside”
11. “Violator”

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