As if we needed one more thing to worry about this summer. If you plan on heading top the beaches in New York soon, you may want to keep an eye out for sharks!

According to Pix11 in New York:

A shark washed up on Rockaway Beach Monday afternoon, just days before the scheduled reopening of New York City beaches for swimming.

We are lucky to have a pool at our house. Even though it is a big pain to keep clean and the electric bill from the filter running and the chemicals you have to pay for, it is a blessing during a hot summer like we are having. Plus, the kids LOVE the pool!

But when we want to take a trip to the beach, we choose either Woodlawn on Lake Erie or a spot on Chautauqua Lake.  However, I do recall a great weekend in Myrtle Beach when our son, Hank, was only two years old. We saw a few dolphins swimming a few hundred yards off the beach. e never did see any sharks but it was always something I was thinking about that weekend.

I am not a great simmer and just wort of wade in the water. After watching the movie "Jaws" as a kid, I have always had my reservations of big water like the ocean.

Have a great weekend and enjoy time with your family. If you head to the beach, be ready for some new guidelines because of the COVID pandemic. Wear your sunscreen and watch for sharks!


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