It would be an insurmountable task for a mere mortal man, but no challenge for Santa. After all he covers the world in one night so a trip through Verona in a couple of hours is a walk in the park. Here's Santa's planned route and approximate times for his visit to Verona on December 20th.

The Jolly Old Man will make the use of 2 firetrucks to carry him through town. One covers the northern area, leaving from Station One on Volunteer Avenue at 2 p.m.
Take a left onto Marry Street. Heading into the Village (2:05)
Continue onto Crestwood, Fairlane, Greenficld, Sunwood, Sweetbriar, and then onto Eastwood. Exit out of the Village (2:20)
Turning right onto Route 31. Take Route 31 to the Verona Trailer park. (2:23)
Enter in the park, first driveway on 31. Continue down Mark Street, turning onto Brett Street, and then onto Kelly Ave. Exit the park (2:33)
Taking a right onto 31. Take a right onto Germany Road (2:35). Continue down Germany road, taking a left onto Irish Ridge Road (2:42).
Turn left onto 31, heading back down to Germany Road (2:48). Take a left onto Germany Road, turning right onto Carpenter Road (2:51).
Take a right onto Dwyer Road and come out to Rock Road (2:58).
Take a right onto Rock Road, then a left onto Main Street (3:05).
Continue down to Main Street to County Drive (3:10).
Come back out to Rock Road and take a left. Turn onto 365, then a right and turn down Old Oneida Road (3:15).
Take a left onto Blackmans Corners back out to 365.
Take 365 to 31, turning right. Go down West Main Street (3:25)
Turning onto Station Street (3:30).
Take a right onto 31, then a left back onto East Main Street (3:40).

The second truck will cover more of the southern territory, leaving the station on Hill Road at 2 p.m.
Take a left onto Hill Road (2:03).
Turn Right onto Fox Road. Take a right onto 365 (2:07),
and a left onto Morgan Road (2:10).
Take a left onto Scholtz Road (2:14) and continue down to Beacon Light (2:20).
Take a left onto Stoney Brook Road 2:23).
Continue on to Stoney Brook road, taking a right onto 365 (2:30). Continue down 365 to Spring Road (2:35).
Take a right onto Spring Road. Turn around at the end of Spring road and continue back down Spring, taking a left onto Tilden Hill (2:50).
Continue on Tilden Hill taking a left onto Mitchell Road (2:55),
Turn around. Come back down and take Ottman Road out to 31 (3:05).
Take a left onto Beacon Light (3:08).
Take a right onto Snyder Road 3:11).
Come out at the light on Patrick Road and 365. Go straight through the light to Willow Place (3:15).
Turn around and come back out to 365. Take a left onto 365. Take a left onto 31. Take a left onto Sand Hill road (3:23).
Take a right onto Fosters Corner Road (3:25).
Take a right onto Irish Ridge (3:28),
coming out to 31, Take a right onto 31. Turn Right back onto Sand Hill Road (3:35)
follow Sand hill road back to fire station.

All times are best estimates and could vary by a few minutes, be prepared to greet Santa a little earlier than scheduled.  With current COVID-19 guidelines and protocols, Santa will be forced to practice the utmost safety and won't be able to meet well-wishers up close.


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