A Rome family is searching for whoever shot their beloved cat with an arrow.

Erica Thayer, who lives on Calvert Street in Rome, says her cat Toothless was shot with an arrow by one of her neighbors.  Luckily the cat will survive but she's not sure the amount of damage done. "He is currently being held at the vet for observation with 105 fever. lots of swelling, infection and will most likely have to have surgery."

Calls have been made to the DEC and ASPCA, who are now running an investigation. "Hopefully between the serial number on the arrow and maybe some finger prints, we will know something soon."

The Thayer's plan to press charges against whoever is responsible. "Keep my fur baby in your prayers and keep your fur babies locked in the house as much as you can," said Thayer. "I can't believe how cruel and inhuman some people can be."

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family cover medical expenses.

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