Tis the season for Oktoberfest beers, or should I say biers.

Oktoberfest season didn't quite happen this year. It's hard to socially distance at the biggest beer fest in the world. All of the Hudson Valley Oktoberfest celebrations were also canceled. It's so sad, but I get it.

But I LOVE German beer, and Oktoberfest season is my favorite time of year. So I took matters into my own hands and did my own Oktoberfest. I drank 11 different Oktoberfest beers and ranked them from best to worst. Sadly, I was not able to get my hands on any local Oktoberfests, but I think the only Hudson Valley brewery that brews and Oktoberfest is Millhouse Brewing Company. I already know I love that beer, so I wasn't too broken up about them not being able to make my tasting. Here is my ranking of 11 different Oktoberfest beers:

Prost! 11 Oktoberfest Beers Ranked from Best to Worst

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