Although Sgt. Jeffry T. Edelson of the New York State Police was killed in the line of duty in 2003, his legacy continues to live on, and there's a painting that's proof of just that.

New York State Police found a painting of Edelson lying in the grass along State Route 55, just a few miles from where he was killed. NYSP posted a photo on their Facebook page in an attempt to contact the artist and thank them.

Facebook users shared the photo more than 200 times, and it appears they were able to find out who painted the tribute. Ashley Mapes commented and said that her husband John asked a man named Scott Herman to create the tribute and then John dropped it off along State Route 55. Mapes said her husband is currently a recruit trooper and Edelson was his "silent partner."

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Troop F of the NYSP plans to clean up the painting and put it on display where Edelson made the ultimate sacrifice.

*The New York State Police have since deleted their post showcasing the painting, so we are currently awaiting approval from Scott Herman to share the photo. Until then, we assure you, it's absolutely stunning.*

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