COVID-19 created a cookie craze, and Campbell Soup Co., the maker of Pepperidge Farm cookies, can't keep up, but we're laughing about this all the way to our favorite bakery!

Central New Yorkers are a tough cookie, and tough cookies never crumble. We won't fall victim to stocking up on Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms as the media breathlessly reports on a national cookie shortage. Please, they're not REAL cookies if they're made by a soup company!

You know who doesn't care about your cookie shortage? Utica. Let me tell you why: we have real cookies. Cookies you can sink your teeth into. Cookies that are so COOKIE, they're almost cake. A Milano barely has enough chocolate to taste - a half-moon, on the other hand, practically smacks you upside the head with the chocolate.

You know what else you don't get with a Milano? Options. Half moons give you chocolate AND vanilla. You don't like one, find a friend and split it. You don't make friends with Milanos, in fact, it's the opposite: those are the kind of cookies you hide from others. That's not very friendly.

You make friends with half-moons.

Bloomberg reports the Pepperidge Farm cookie demand was up 8.7% in the 13 week period ending on Nov. 1, 2020, while the Cookie demand in the U.S. has surged by 25% during Covid. Top Data, a data analytics agency, says one out of five Americans consumes 3 cookies a day, with one-third eating up to 48 cookies per month.

Yeah, try eating 48 half-moons a month. Good luck with that.

Keep your Milanos, SOUP COMPANY. We'll take half-moons from an actual bakery. Thanks.

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