You would think living in the state where Buffalo chicken wings first saw the light of day would give you a clue what our favorite Super Bowl snack might be? Well, you might be surprised at some of the latest data.

A website called Bid-on-Equipment used data from Google to see what sort of foods New Yorkers are searching for the big game. According to this data, New Yorkers love their potato skins. When you break it down to New York City; it's all about the seven later dip.

For New Jersey, it's baked nachos. Pennsylvania loves hot cheese dip, and Connecticut like their cocktail weenies. In fact, the weenies where the number one Super Bowl snack across the country, according to Google searches. 

And to think over 1.4 billion chicken wings are expected to be eaten this weekend, and somehow they're still not the top Super Bowl food? No wonder so many people aren't in the mood to go to work the next day? 

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